Q: I have my own domain name already! Can you use it when you make my new website ?
A: This is a tricky one! What makes us so cheap is the fact that we have done away with expensive hosting costs. Domain names are usually quite cheap – it’s always the hosting that is the stinger. Hosting can be anything from £7.50 to £250 a month, depending on your requirements and website size. We like to keep it simple, which means finding you a .com or .co.uk domain from fresh. You get a domain name that works the best for you and hosting for one year for just £15.00. Per year. You can’t say fairer than that! Once we start trying to incorporate your existing domain, you then have to look at monthly hosting and costs sky rocket so ideally, we don’t like to do that.

Q: How fast will you get my website done?
A: Usually, we will have something for you to look at within a week. After that, it’s up to you to offer feedback and give instructions for changes, content addition, etc. Once we get that back we’ll make the required amendments and send it back to you. There’s no reason why you can’t be live within a week or two. It really depends on how quickly you get all content and images to us.

Q: What about payment?
A: We require £15.00 up front in order to secure your domain name and hosting. If you would like email adding, it will be another £55.00 (this is the basic cost charged by WordPress).  Our flat fee is £50.00 so we’d like a good faith deposit of £25.00. Once the project is completed, the other £25.00 is due. Payments can be made via Paypal or bank transfer. Of course, deposit and balance values will vary depending which package you have chosen. Your website will only go live when you have paid the final balance.

Q: Do I have access to the website?
A: Yes. We don’t lock you out. Some web companies will do this so that you have to go to them for every little change. Those changes always cost £££’s. What we will do is add you as an editor or author to the website and give you a little bit of training so that you are able to update your own pages and blog (unless you simply prefer for us to do this for you). However, you won’t have full access or control – this is just a precaution as it has been known for people to inadvertently delete their website or make unwanted changes!

Q: Can I sit and chat to you for a while to go through everything I need?
A: Although we agree that a verbal conversation is very useful and will help you to describe exactly what you need, please bear in mind that we work full time on other projects and these websites are created after hours. For this reason, email is always the best form of contact. Email is also the safest bet when it comes to a paper trail and it protects you and us when everything is in writing. So if you would like to discuss your project, the best way to contact us is by emailing or filling in the form on our contact page. If you are really struggling to let us know what you want, we have a standard spec form that we can send to you that you can fill out and we can kick start your project from that.

Anything else? Anything we haven’t covered? Get in touch if you have a question that isn’t listed here and we’ll get back to you asap.