How we work

First of all, you choose your package and then get in touch to tell us what you’d like. We’ll suggest some themes and layouts that are in keeping with your business and send you some images of how your website will look. Once you like what you see and we agree on everything, we’ll be ready to create your website.

What we need from you

Payment is due in advance, especially if we’re purchasing domain names and themes on your behalf. We’ll need a link to you old website (if you have one) and links to social media (if you have these). Then we’ll need some information to enable us to build and populate your website.

Company name, address, contact numbers, email address(es), and any contact names you wish to give. We’ll need your company number/Vat number too.

Send us some images! People love to see photos of who you are, your business premises, your company and staff in action and anything else you’ve got. If it’s a small business, send us photos of the items you sell or services you offer. If you don’t have any images, get some! People respond incredibly well to pictures as it’s gives them an idea of what to expect.

We’d like some company info and history please! Tell us who you are, what you do, what your goals and aims are and anything else that’d you’d like potential clients to know about you.

Once you make your payment (via Paypal), agree upon your website spec and send us everything we need you can expect the following:

A basic website delivered in approx 3-5 working days

Standard website delivered in approx 7 working days

Premium website delivered in approx 1-2 weeks

Bespoke websites are turned around within a month.